Sleep and Stress – Are They Related?

Adulthood is actually pretty stressful with all responsibilities, knowledge, and the urge to make the world a better place. 2020 has definitely been the most stressful year for everyone living in the 21st century where technology and medical advancements had made our lives pretty easy and dealing with a pandemic is actually a punch in … Read more

How to Make Lemon Water for Weight Loss?

Lemon water is the most common beverage made from squeezing or mixing fresh lemon juice with water. Many restaurants serve this simple beverage that can be taken both hot or cold way. Nowadays people have been adding lemon water during their meal or even on early breakfast. There is no doubt that the lemon is … Read more

What is the Best Food for Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a difficult journey for anyone as you have to change almost your whole lifestyle. 80% of the weight loss journey is taken forward by a good and balanced diet while the rest 20% is from your exercise. Exercising does make your body look toned, however, losing weight takes a lot more effort … Read more

What is the Best Way to Stay Healthy?

A healthy lifestyle helps you thrive throughout your life with the help of a healthy mentality as well as better physical health. However, switching from a regular lifestyle to a healthy one is not always easy. Sacrificing your favorite chips or even taking the time off from watching friends to meditating seems like a lot … Read more

Why Yoga and Meditation are Important?

Yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand and have been practicing together for thousands of years to reinforce the connection between mind and body. Practicing yoga even for just 10 minutes a day improves balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength. While, on the other hand, meditation helps in controlling anxiety, relieving stress, and keeping your mind sharp. There … Read more