online jobs that you can do from home

Eight online jobs that you can do from home

Do you want to start a business without renting a commercial space and getting a massive business loan? Thanks to the internet, there are several businesses that you can start with little or no money, according to Entrepreneur.

  • Thanks to the internet, there are several businesses that you can start with little or no money.
  • There are many opportunities to work from home.
  • If you have minimal digital knowledge, this is your time to undertake.

I spoke with eight successful entrepreneurs to help you find the opportunity that best fits your needs and asked them to provide me with business ideas that work without having to leave home. Use the tips below to find an online opportunity that might interest you.

  1. Blogger

“If you are very passionate about a particular topic, start a blog. There are many ways to generate income if you build a loyal audience, and the only way to achieve this is by mastering the topic you will be talking about. When you combine passion and knowledge, You position yourself as an expert on the subject and attract loyal readers. So you can generate income through ads or by selling your products or services, “said Andrea Anaya, Founder of Boom Seminars.

  1. Social media consultant

“Social media requires more attention than in the past and has become a viable selling point to attract new customers and promote your business. Today, old companies still have not understood this concept, proving a high demand for social media experts ready to step in and take the reins. For Millennials especially, social media marketing is a job they can do online. From home, it has the potential to be fun as well as financially rewarding. ” said Evan Haines, co-founder of Alo House Recovery Centers.

  1. SEO consultant

“As a small business owner who understands the importance of organic website traffic, there are two things I can tell you about SEO strategies. First, most small business owners have multiple responsibilities, so there is no time to spend on SEO. Second, there are more bad SEO companies than good ones. If you have the knowledge and skills, there are endless clients available, “said Mark Mason, CEO of Breckinridge Heating and Cooling.

  1. Website designer and developer

“As more entrepreneurs start their businesses online, there is a greater demand for freelance designers and developers, who offer attractive and functional websites at a lower price than the big agencies. If you could give some advice to those interested in doing this would be to create a couple of websites for local businesses for free. This will give you a book that you can use to sign new clients, that way, you will get recommended “, said Maxinder Soni, CEO of Zooomr.

  1. Marketing partner

” Affiliate marketing is an online career that has potentially unlimited scale. You need to find a deal and a source of traffic that can grow, but once you have a winning combination, it will be easy to see the results. With giants of the e-commerce With Amazon rolling out affiliate programs, it won’t be long before traditional industries start rolling out programs that need online marketers and promoters. This is the path someone with capital available for investment and development should take, “said Ryan Hulland, President of Netfloor USA.

  1. Freelance content writer

“As content marketing evolves, the demand for quality writers has exploded along with their fees and will continue to do so for years to come. You do have excellent writing skills, as well as an understanding of grammar and the different types of writing. business contexts, so you can literally start with a laptop and an Internet connection. You can get clients immediately through various freelancer marketplaces, “said Kris Lippi, owner of getting LISTED Realty.

  1. Virtual assistant

“Thanks to the internet, businesses have changed, instead of 9 to 5 hours from Monday to Friday, it is now 24/7, 365 days a year. In short, these days companies need more help, and many are turning to virtual assistants to help their businesses prosper. Likely to work full-time for an owner, spread your availability across multiple companies on a part-time schedule. There are many companies looking to hire virtual assistants, and you can get started. Little or no money, “said Johnny Carpet of the Dallas Flooring Warehouse.

  1. Retail seller

“One of the hottest trends in eCommerce is building a retail business. Done right, it can be a viable source of income that can grow along with your efforts, including larger product lines and multiple stores. You can do it thanks to Shopify, which gives you access to e-commerce platforms designed to provide experiences of any kind, plus it’s easy to use from start to finish,” said Jake Braun, co-founder of Kapok Marketing.


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