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Professional chocolate tasters and entrepreneurial chocolate consultants must be among the happiest individuals on the globe, as chocolate has been connected to some of our brain’s “feel good” chemicals. Their dentists must be well compensated as well.

Godiva Chocolates employs tasters who are more appropriately referred to as “chocolate sommeliers.” For the privilege of spending their days evaluating candy for suitable sheen or fractures in the chocolate ganache coatings, they can earn anywhere from $24,000 to $70,000. They sniff the delicate chocolates for scent notes, but they don’t swish the candy around in glasses to see whether they’re still alive. The nicest part is that they get to sample the flavor and creaminess of several chocolates before the broader audience.

To be considered for a dream job at Green & Blacks, candidates must pass a blind tasting test in which they must correctly identify the ingredients especially created chocolate bars.


Even the most basic store teabag is the result of hours of professional sipping, grading, and blending. Tetley tea taster and buyer Giles Oakley explains, “Tea is a natural crop, so taste and quality might vary.” “When harvests in one location are scarce, you must vary the source and recipe of the leaves, and the skill of the taster and mixer guarantees that the taste of a brand is not harmed.”

Tasters travel through rooms that resemble research labs, slurping the liquid from a spoon at great speed to ensure it hits all of the taste buds, then expelling it into a wheeled spittoon. Some of the samples will come from shipments that the company has not yet bid on but wants to try out, while others will come from lots that it has already committed to purchasing but needs to grade for the British taste.



You specialize in identifying numerous features of an alcoholic brew as a beer taster. Your job is to taste beer, seek for certain notes, and give input on texture, taste, fragrance, quality, appearance, and other factors. Your feedback enables businesses to enhance their alcohol brand and ensure that the ideal flavor is achieved. You can either work for a certain brewing company or visit several breweries. Other jobs with responsibilities linked to beer tasting include arranging beverage events and tastings, serving as a corporate ambassador, and working in quality control.

What Are the Requirements for a Beer Tasting Job?

To gain a career as a beer taster, you usually don’t need any formal schooling. However, you must have a thorough knowledge of beer and the brewing sector. Knowing the difference between malt-based beer and hop-based beer is crucial, as is being able to recognize distinct qualities of each brew as well as the various textures present in beer. The Doemens Beer Sommelier, the Beer & Cider Academy Accredited Sommelier Scheme, and the Cicerone Certification Program are all available for certification. You should also be conversant with the lingo used in breweries.

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