Why Yoga and Meditation are Important?

Yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand and have been practicing together for thousands of years to reinforce the connection between mind and body. Practicing yoga even for just 10 minutes a day improves balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength. While, on the other hand, meditation helps in controlling anxiety, relieving stress, and keeping your mind sharp. There … Read more

Yoga and Modern Lifestyle

The modern life, that we all have been living for a long time, with the support of technologies where you can get anything you want in just a matter of minutes. This lifestyle has lured us more towards comfort and convenience and we pay the laziness and this comfort through a number of diseases. Although … Read more

5 Reasons Children Need to Play Outside


Every other generation experiences a generation gap causing a slight difference in opinions between the people of a different generation. This generation of kids and childhood is very different than that of the last generation. Although with numerous differences, the most contrast seems to be the time children spend indoors nowadays. In the digital age … Read more