The 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World and How to Get Them

If you are thinking about what to study or wondered what the best-paying jobs in the labor market are, there is a list of professional careers positioned as the best paying.

These jobs require high technical knowledge or years of study but are highly paid.

If you are preparing to work in one of these areas, you may be one step away from an excellent professional future. If you are not into it and you dare to learn, you can get the job you always wanted.

Today we present a list of the 10 highest paid jobs globally, the requirements to access them, and how much you can earn.

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1. Doctor

One of the noblest professional careers, but also one of the most successful of all time. A doctor saves lives, helps prevent disease, and takes care of health. That is why their work has always been one of the most important and well-paid in the world.

Average income:

Although the situation in each country is different, a doctor is generally well paid. The average income in this professional area in some places such as the United States or Europe can amount to more than USD 212,000 per year, an equivalent to € 186,899.20.

It should be noted that the monthly cost of living in the United States, for example, can range from USD 41,000 annually in cities like Detroit to more than USD 123.00 in places like San Francisco, which is number one on the list. Of more expensive cities to live in that North American nation.

For Latin America, countries like Chile and Brazil are among the ones that pay their doctors the best. The average annual income in Chile is around USD 21,605.74 in a country where the average cost of living is almost USD 8,000 per year, and the average revenue per household is about USD 15,000.

On the other hand, in Brazil, the average income is around USD 27,000. The average cost of expenses in a year in that nation is about $ 10,800 per year.

Other countries like Mexico, although they are lower paid, still pay very well and the career is positioned among the best. The average annual income of a doctor can be as high as $ 17,000 per year, depending on years of experience, in a country with average expenses of $ 6,000 per year.

In Colombia, a doctor can earn more than USD 19,000 a year and the average cost of living in that period of time is around USD 8,400. In Argentina, the average annual income of a doctor is around USD 11,000.


Achieving this level of remuneration is not easy. As many of you know, having a medical degree requires many years of hard study, practices in hospitals and clinics, social hours, sleepless nights, and a lot, a lot of studies. All this, not to mention that it is a career that requires patience, empathy, courage, and a great vocation for service.

2. Stockbroker

This is a career that can be very fruitful if you are good with finances, business, and business relationships.

The job of stockbrokers is to act as an intermediary between companies and investors, advising clients on the operations to be carried out in the financial market. For example, in the purchase and sale of securities, bonds, and stocks, as well as other financial instruments. They are also in charge of negotiating on currency exchange.

Average income:

Beyond movie-sold fantasies in movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, a stockbroker can make an estimated income of $ 131,000 a year.

In countries like Chile, a stockbroker can generate an average income of CLP 1,434,747 per month, which is equivalent to about USD 2,194.80. If we multiply that by 13 salaries per year, it gives us a total of USD 28,532.40 per year.

In Argentina, the average annual income of a stockbroker can be around USD 9,000, while in Mexico it can reach approximately USD 10,000.

On the other hand, in Brazil, it is possible to obtain an annual income of more than USD 13,000 per year. And in Colombia, they can be above USD 15,000.


Of course, for this, you must have not only a nose for business but also have studies and solid knowledge in macro and microeconomics, accounting, finance, as well as business administration. Great mathematical analysis skills are required to do the job.

Another important aspect is the command of languages: English is practically mandatory. Other highly recommended languages ​​currently are Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

If you have this knowledge and register as a broker, you can have before you the best of future professionals.

3. Software development

The area of ​​software development is currently one of the highest-paid in the world. As you know, technological needs are constantly changing and evolving and more and more aspects of everyday life are taken on.

From performing simple mathematical calculations and generating and storing documents, software and applications have become part of everyone’s everyday life.

From applications to learn a language, to remind you what to do or alarms to wake you up and not go back to sleep to management programs for banking operations, flight reservations, customer or project management, and much more. Software is everywhere and more fields will be taken in the future.

That is why careers related to their development are among the best paid.

Average income:

An architect or software development technician, for example, can earn an annual income of around $ 130,000 in the United States or in European countries, where this amount equals about € 114,478.94.

As for Latin America, in Mexico the average annual income of a software engineer is excellent. A professional with 4 or 5 years of experience can earn around USD 17,400.00 per year.

For the same profession in Argentina, the average income is more than USD 10,000 in the year, and in Chile, almost USD 24,000. Another country where the profession is very well paid is the case of Colombia, where a software engineer can achieve up to USD 34,000 a year.


For all this, the study of programming languages ​​and technical careers of systems and development is required. But also the great capacity for analysis to solve problems and propose technical solutions, both at the level of domestic and business applications.

It is certainly a career that requires a lot of studies, but it is exciting and with excellent remuneration.

4. Architect

Architecture is one of the most beautiful and interesting careers that can be studied, where creativity and technique come together to create comfortable and well-distributed spaces.

Average income:

As in many cases, the architect’s work can be more or less paid depending on the country. But in general, an architect can have an income of around USD 121,000 a year in the United States, which is equivalent to € 106,580.43.

For Latin America, incomes may not be so ostentatious, but they are always above average wages.

We have the case of Mexico, where architects can earn an average of USD 10,250 a year when they have little professional experience. An architect with 10 years of experience, on the other hand, can achieve almost USD 19,000 annually.

South America also offers competitive salaries: In Argentina, an architect with little experience can earn about USD 9,900 a year, while one with more experience can reach USD 11,200 or more.

In Colombia, an architect with 3 years of experience, can earn about USD 10,400 per year and a 10-year career, around USD 12,350.

Chile, for its part, is one of the best-paid countries, and the average income even with little experience is USD 22,500.

On the other hand, in Brazil, a young architect can easily get USD 14,500 per year on average, and one with more experience, up to USD 23,000 per year.


Architecture is a widely known and very traditional profession in the world, but it requires technical preparation, knowledge of mathematics, art, technical drawing, color, technical knowledge about materials, as well as the use of specialized software for the development of architectural plans and renderings.

It is, without a doubt, a highly prestigious career that can give you the income and professional satisfaction that you have always wanted.

5. Pharmacist

This is a career that may not sound very ostentatious, but today it is one of the highest-paid.

A pharmacist or pharmaceutical chemist, as they are also known, is the professional responsible for the manufacture of medicines, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products, as well as dietary supplements, cosmetics, homeopathic treatments, among others.

He is an expert in medicines and their use for therapeutic purposes.

Average income:

The reward for all that knowledge, an income of around USD 115,000 (€ 101,361.77) a year in the United States and European countries. If you are good at chemistry, this can be a very promising career.

In Latin America, the income level of a hospital pharmacist can be from USD 9,200 per year in Argentina and USD 10,850 in Colombia. The annual average in Chile is more than USD 22,000.

For Mexico, annual income may be a bit lower but remains above average, and annual income can range from about $ 8,760 to nearly $ 20,500, depending on years of experience.

On the other hand, in Brazil, annual income can reach as much as USD 16,800 or more, depending on the pharmacist’s years of experience.


As you can imagine, the career of the pharmaceutical chemist requires investment in laboratory equipment and many hours of study. Some of the knowledge you should have are technical skills in chemistry and pharmacy, drug research and development, quality control knowledge, as well as human health, drug dosage by age, etc.

In addition, you must be an orderly, methodical professional who pays attention to details.

6. Hardware engineer

The job of the hardware engineer is to design, develop, and manufacture computer equipment. The application areas of this career are robotics, microprocessors, communication devices, and much more.

A hardware engineer takes care of the efficiency, safety, and functionality of the equipment. It is responsible for applying the design to build and test prototypes. Their work is often done in conjunction with software developers, electrical engineers, scientists, or even marketers for hardware design and development.

Average income:

Of course, all the hard work of hardware design pays off. The average annual salary for a hardware engineer can be around $ 100,000 or more a year in the United States.

Mexico is another of the countries where the career is well paid, since the annual income, even for professionals with a few years of experience, can be around more than USD 15,000.

In Colombia, the annual income of a hardware engineer can range from USD 11,000 to USD 16,700 with just a few years of experience. Argentina can be around USD 10,000 a year.

In Chile, the average annual income of an engineer in this area, even with a few years of experience, is about USD 23,700. On the other hand, in Brazil, revenues can range from USD 17,000 to USD 39,500 per year or more for professionals in managerial positions.


Because technology advances rapidly, this is a career that requires constant updating. In addition, it is important to pay attention to detail and be precise when working, so good eyesight is necessary, as well as normal color vision.

As it is also a job that must be worked in multidisciplinary teams, a hardware engineer must be able to communicate effectively, even explain technical aspects to non-technical people. You must meet deadlines and be able to propose solutions according to limited budgets or according to the availability of parts.

7. Pilot

Who as a child has not dreamed of being a pilot? Fly through the sky piloting your own plane, see everything from above and see all the countries in the world … A dream in which you may want to believe again if you are looking for a successful and well-paid career.

Average income:

The pilot job is today one of the highest-paid in the world. Beyond all romanticism, the reality is that a pilot’s income can reach more than $ 100,000 a year in the United States. Which is equivalent to about € 88,209.48.

Mexico is another of the countries where the career is very well paid. The median annual income for a pilot is almost $ 17,500.

As for Colombia, income is more discreet, reaching about USD 9,600 per year for pilots with little experience. But in Argentina, the figure can go up to almost USD 13,000 in the same case.

Revenues in Chile for a commercial pilot can range from almost USD 21,400 a year, while in Brazil they can average more than USD 30,000 a year.


Of course, you must bear in mind that the pilot career requires a strong investment and requires great technical capacity (not to mention not being afraid of heights):

First of all, physical and psychological examinations of all kinds are required to ensure that you are fit to practice the career. Then, in addition to technically learning how to operate an aircraft, you must have a solid knowledge of mathematics, physics, cartography, meteorology, and air navigation, among others.

Before starting work, pilots must complete several hours of simulated and confirmed flight, in addition to managing the corresponding license, either as a private or commercial pilot.

8. Economist

This is a very traditional career and widely known for being well paid. The economist’s job is to analyze the numerical data and resources of the company to develop solutions or propose improvements in financial matters, asset management, budget planning, process optimization, among other functions.

Regarding the public sector, an economist can also be in charge of analyzing poverty or economic development issues at national and international organizations. Therefore, another field of action is help and advice in the development and implementation of public policies that can improve the population’s quality of life.

Average income:

Of course, the economist’s effort is very well paid, and the income of a good economist in the world can average more than USD 85,000 per year in the United States. This equates to about € 75,417.99.

In Latin America, the average annual income of an economist is more or less modest, depending on the country, experience, and the business sector in which they work.

With three years of experience, the annual income can be around USD 16,300 in Mexico. Instead, they are USD 11,000 in Colombia and USD 9,500 in Argentina.

On the other hand, Chile offers an average income of almost USD 22,500 per year, while in Brazil, the annual income is USD 21,000 or more. The above, for economists with 3 or 4 years of experience.


In order to work as an economist, you must study the career as such, covering areas such as statistics, mathematics, financial analysis, resource management, and research. Likewise, it is necessary to have strong competencies in communication and teamwork, a sense of ethics, and knowledge on issues of global development and national reality.

9. Lawyer

A career of great prestige in the world and to which many aspire. Like other traditional careers, in the world of law, remuneration can vary from country to country, but globally it is positioned as one of the highest-paid careers.

As we all know, a lawyer is a professional expert in law and law, whose job is to defend them and provide legal advice to citizens and companies. The study of the law requires long hours of reading and analysis and the realization of social hours.

Average income:

Experience and career performance can make a difference as you climb in merit and income, which can amount to more than $ 84,000 a year in the United States. This equates to about € 74,067.22 in Europe.

In Latin America, income can vary a lot depending on the country, years of experience, and client portfolio.

A lawyer in Mexico can earn an average income of almost USD 14,000 a year. Meanwhile, in Argentina and Colombia, the amounts are around USD 10,000 and USD 14,100 annually, respectively.

In Chile, it can go from an average of USD 22,500 a year for lawyers with a few years practicing their careers. And in Brazil, the range is close to $ 21,400.


To be a lawyer, knowledge of the country’s legislation is required, both in criminal, commercial, legal, civil, and constitutional matters as well as human rights, among others.

A good lawyer must have a great capacity for oratory, analysis, power of conviction, as well as patience, courage, character, a high sense of justice, and a lot of professional ethics.

On the other hand, you must update and study throughout your life the entry into force of new laws and their application.

10. Marketing manager

This is one of the careers with the most demand today, due to the competition between thousands of companies that arise daily and that seek to position themselves in the minds of buyers.

Without a doubt, work in the marketing area is one of the most exciting in which you can develop. It is also one of the best paid in the world. But also one of the most competitive and changing today. It is necessary to keep up to date with marketing trends, new communication channels, as well as strategies and tools that help improve results at work.

Average income:

All this is finally worth it since the income of a marketing manager can be around USD 82,000 per year in the United States (About € 72,332.73 ) as he gains experience and expands his client portfolio.

In Argentina, the annual income of a marketing director is around USD 10,500, while in Colombia it is around USD $ 15,800.

Always in South America, in Chile, you can get an average of $ 22,800 per year. In Brazil, on the other hand, the average range is only USD 16,000 for professionals with little experience.

On the other hand, in Mexico, this career is very well paid and an average marketing director can earn around USD 21,000 a year.


To choose this career, it is necessary to have studies and knowledge of marketing, commercial and advertising strategies, effective communication strategies, statistical analysis, market research, and sales.

At the same time, today, it is necessary to know social networks, online marketing, Adwords, and other digital tools for advertising, positioning, and measuring results.


As you can see, many jobs in the world require years of study and technical preparation, but they are very well paid.

Most of them require, in addition to technical preparation, some skills or personal qualities (soft skills), such as the ability to work in a team, excellent communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making, as well as constant updating of the knowledge acquired.

Some of these careers also require a strong investment of money in studies. But this effort is rewarded with the income that can be generated in these areas of work.

Suppose you are looking for a well-paying career and have the necessary skills. In that case, you can start preparing in some of these areas, become more technical, and achieve the professional success you always wanted in your life.



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