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How can you start work from home

The days of looking for a rounded classified ad in a newspaper are definitely over. Technology is here to stay and has revolutionized every area of ​​our life that it has encountered. The way we communicate, the way we interact, the way we have fun… and of course the way we find work.

Finding work from home might seem like a utopia but it is a very common practice today. Working from home, either in traditional companies or as a freelancer is a very widespread practice today and has allowed many people to better reconcile their work and family life or even that people with free time can have an extra income.

But finding work from home also has its tricks, and if you are a newbie in this area we will help you. That is why today we are going to tell you why to work from home and give you a list of platforms where to look for it. Don’t miss our article and join the revolution of working online!

Reasons to work from home

But, why this boom in looking for work online in Spain? Why not continue with traditional jobs? The reasons are several and we are going to explain them one by one but it could be summarized in one sentence: because you spend less time, less money and you are happier.

If you think about it, there are many jobs where you travel an average of two hours a day to the workplace and all you use is a computer and an internet connection. If you already have a computer at home and the internet connection is of good quality, why not save this trip and find work from home?

Getting a job online has allowed many people to take control of their income. Many people who could not get extra money otherwise are taking advantage of their free time to work as internet freelancers.

Others have even embarked on an adventure and have managed to work from home full time and make this their only source of income. Others have had to reinvent themselves after being laid off and have thought why not try working from home and make this unfortunate circumstance a possibility to improve my quality of life?

Why work from home?

The good thing about getting a job online is that it can be flexible and adapt to you and your pace of life. But let’s go with the advantages:

  • It’s more comfortableOf course, getting up in the morning, showering, having breakfast, and sitting at the desk has nothing to do with rushing out of the house and enduring traffic jams or crowded public transport to get to work already tired and stressed.
  • Better family and personal life: the first consequence is that you will have more time, you will save all the time that people spend traveling. This time you can dedicate it to your family or friends. But not only that, your work schedules will adapt to your life and not the other way around. Now you can take your children to school or meet your friends every afternoon if you wish. You own your own time.
  • You will be your own boss: forget about having a boss, now you only answer to yourself. No coworkers who make your life impossible or bosses who demand impossible tasks from you. Now you are in charge.
  • Much less stress: the stress generated by traffic jams, bad work environments, and long days away from home will disappear in one fell swoop. You can go to the gym every day, take walks, do yoga or anything else that relaxes you, and integrate these tasks into your day-to-day without having to do crossword puzzles with your time.
  • Flexible income : do you have a family or personal problem and this month you would like less work even if your income decreases? Thanks to online work you can get it. And of course in the opposite direction, an unexpected car breakdown and you want to earn more? No problem, your income will be proportional to the time and effort invested so you decide!
  • You will spend less : erase from your monthly budget transportation tickets or large expenses on gasoline, eating out, clothes for work, dry cleaning and a host of other things. You will be surprised when you find out how much money you can stop spending when working from home.
  • More time : it is the key to this whole equation. Thanks to online jobs, you will be able to use your time much more efficiently, so you will finally have the necessary to spend it on whatever you want: family, friends, hobbies … what we all want!

Advantages and disadvantages of working at home

As with many things in life, every advantage comes with a disadvantage and working from home online is no exception. Of course, working from home has many advantages and we have already mentioned the most important ones, but it also has some disadvantages:

  • You invest less time in travel and other irrelevant things and therefore you can use it for what really matters to you. But pay attention! This can become a disadvantage since having more time and not having a boss can be tempted to lose more. Getting up later, getting distracted, not sticking to a routine… are some of the things that can turn this advantage into the opposite. To avoid this, you must be your own master and very organized with your time. That you do not have a boss does not mean that you do not have rules.
  • Another advantage is that you will have more time for your family. This is very true but you must also be careful that the personal and the work do not mix. Even if you work from home you must separate both areas very well or instead of being a dream life, it will be a nightmare. Your family must respect your schedule and workspace and understand that even if you are at home you are working.
  • We have also said that online work is much more flexible than traditional but beware of distractions! It is great that one day you can stop working to take care of your sick child or that you interrupt your tasks to attend a medical appointment, but if you are not strict with personal matters, distractions will be the order of the day: personal calls, homework. home, errands to run… Don’t let this beneficial flexibility become a double-edged sword.
  • We have told you that you will save a lot of money in expenses and it is completely true. But it is also possible that other expenses for services such as heating or food at home will increase. It is simply something that you should be aware of.

Some tips to make working from home more bearable

  • Having more time to exercise doesn’t mean you do. Be careful because working from home online can be a very isolated and sedentary task. It is recommended that you take care of your personal relationships and make sure you maintain contact with the outside world. Join group classes or establish a training routine. And meet friends and family, we are social beings and we need to relate!
  • Set limits . When we work in a traditional job we leave work and leave it there but in a work, from home, we will be tempted to answer an email while we watch TV with our partner in the early morning or to start an assignment in the middle of the weekend while we prepare a meal for our friends. We are not telling you that this is wrong, just to set your limits and respect them. If you decide to work the weekend it is perfect, but also if you decide not to. What is not right is that work invades your personal and family life and this is more at risk of happening now that you consider finding work from home.

First steps before starting to work from home

Surely when you have read this list of advantages you have gotten the bug of finding a job online. Maybe you’ve been mulling over the idea for a while or you just thought it’s the ideal option for you. Be that as it may, we are going to help you with the first steps you should follow if you consider finding work from home.

Identify your reason for starting

Having a reason is very important, when you encounter difficulties it will be what keeps you firm. Your reason may be to take care of yourself and your quality of life, to get more income, or to take care of your children. There is no more valid reason than another, it simply has to be yours and have meaning.


If you are going to earn money from home as a way to get extra money this point does not apply but if you are going to make finding work from home your main source of income, you should first review your finances. Having a mattress saved would be a good idea because surely it will take a while to find the formula that works for you and being pressured because you have to pay the rent in a few days is not the best way to improve your life.

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