The highest paid jobs in world

The highest paid jobs in world

On the other hand, we find other types of jobs. Those in which you do not have to study an opposition, those in which you work in a private company and you need a professional to be able to perform them and have the necessary qualities for it. They are more common jobs, in which a job offer is launched, candidates are presented and the company chooses the one that best suits their needs and demands. Info jobs, the employment portal, together with Esade, the former Higher School of Business Administration and Management, have carried out a study on the labor market in Spain, from which the best-paid jobs are also extractedThis list consists of the following:

  • Engineering Project ManagementEngineers who develop projects for other companies. The average salary for this profile is 70,000 euros per year, although it changes a lot depending on the type of company in which you work. According to the study, this variation can rise up to 18,000 euros of difference.
  • OdontologistAccording to Info jobs, since 2011 the offers have been increasing exponentially. The average salary is 54,748 euros, although there is also a salary deviation of more than 19,000 euros between different professionals and companies in which they work. There is very little competition, and that favors them making more money.
  • Computer management. Computer scientists have an average salary of 53,396 euros a year, but if you are the director of the department, that salary can go up 21,000 euros.
  • Orthodontist. One of the best-valued professionals in DentistryThe average salary is 52,798 euros.
  • Business address. One of the most demanded positions in recent years. Businesses need to sell their products and services. A commercial professional who heads the department can earn more than 52,000 euros per year.
  • Industrial manager. This professional is dedicated to managing companies in the Industry sector. You must be an engineer by professionThe salary is usually around 40,000 euros.
  • Company director. Info jobs assure that the demand for this position has skyrocketed since 2014. The average salary is 49,445 euros, although, as is normal, it varies depending on the company that is directed, since the responsibilities, tasks, or personnel the charge is very disparate. It can vary about 30,000 euros depending on what cases.
  • Financial Director. This professional is going down in average salary due to the amount of supply that there is. According to the study, an average of 287 candidates for each vacancy. Even so, his salary is still 45,586 euros on average per year.
  • Commercial direct sale. The demand for these professionals has also decreased a lot in recent years. The average salary is 43,535 euros.
  • Commercial real estate. The recovery of the sector means that these professionals are included in this ranking. The average salary is 42,685 euros.

Have you taken note? Well, you know, if you want to be one of these professionals and have these salaries, you know what you have to do. Prepare to be able to carry out the position. In either case, your Fintonic app will help you manage your (high) income and expenses.

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