What are Some Common Problems With Smart TVs?

Having a TV on your home where you can view multiple channels with your favorite shows on is not new in 2020. Owning a Television set is not an unusual thing as it used to be in late 1900 and early 2000s as well.

Are you thinking of buying one of this entertainment hub for your home? Hold on to this article because here, I’ll explain to you even the slightest detail of a Television set. 

Just like any other electronic device, a television set can have various issues and you need to know about it before you spend your money on it. 

What is TV?

TV is short for television, which is an electronic device that delivers the moving images and sound from a source to the receiver, which is a TV itself.

Television has influenced the current society in a great way by extending the senses of vision and hearing beyond the limits of a physical distance. 

History of TV

Conceived in the 19th century, Television has had its fair share of advantages. From providing an easy medium for education as well as interpersonal communication, Television soon became the most popular vibrant broadcast medium in mid-century. 

Started as a just black and white visual, now in 2020, the TV comes in a variety of ways. From normal traditional TV to cable TV to DBS (Direct Broadcast Satelite) TV to even DVDs, you can find any type of TV nowadays. 

Smart TV

Now that you know what television is, let us move to a smart TV. what is a smart TV? In simple words, smart TV is pretty similar to a normal traditional TV that can fetch content from the internet.

With the ability to connect to the internet, you are provided with various streaming apps and smart home functions. However, the specifics vary from companies to companies and also from model to model. 

The smart TV users have the ability to access more content due to the availability of the internet on your television set.

The internet can be connected either through wired or wireless, however, every smart TV has an ethernet port for wired connection. 

Common smart TV problems

Using a smart TV does sound amazing, however, with entertainment comes a lot of frustration as well. Especially with electronic items, diagnosing the problem and trying to fix it is something not everyone can do.

But this article focuses on providing the ins and outs of common problems that arise with buying the smart TV.

Difficulty in connecting to the internet

Connecting your TV to the internet allows you to stream various applications such as Netflix, Amazon, Skype, YouTube, and many other applications directly on your TV.

Working with an electronic device and the internet can be a difficult task and the automatic disconnection of the internet can also be an issue. 

Without panicking, you need to look for obvious reasons why the internet disconnect from your TV. Checking the internet is connected correctly through wires and checking if the WiFi password you entered is correct might be the first step you should take.

Discoloring the picture

If you use your TV for a long time, then you can see or notice the fading of color. This discoloration on TV is actually a pretty common issue you will face.

This problem might need professional help to fix the decoloration as working on the screen yourself is not suitable.

The discoloration is usually due to the magnetic field near the screen and it usually happens to the screen having speakers near it. Therefore, the first thing you should be doing is removing the speakers far away. 

The color black looks gray

The color black might not actually be black even on your best smart TV. Although almost every TV companies rave about their brightness and the sharpness of color, you may notice colors in grayscale instead of many other colors. 

A line appears in between the screen

A line appearing on the TV screen is not an unusual thing but it is for sure frustrating. There are several reasons why lines appear on your TV screen, the most common is TV being dropped or something being thrown at it. Small lines or a single line can be easily fixed by making sure that the cords are plugged in properly.

No sound output

The audio problem is one of the most common issues you can face in a smart TV. the easiest way to solve this is to disconnect the TV and connecting it after at least 10 seconds.

These are 5 of the most common issues of a Smart TV that can be either solved easily if you are facing simple problems. However, if it is quite a complex task then you might need a repairman.

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