What Should I Absolutely not do When Visiting Another Country?

There are various reasons why people travel all around the world. From getting to know a new culture, to add several adventures to your bucket list, traveling has become one of the most popular escape plans for most people as well. However, when you travel to foreign countries learning their culture might help you in more than one way. 

When traveling to other countries, you need to look out for the things that might disrespectful, unwanted, and those things can get you in trouble. But even the most observant and knowledgable person can make mistakes sometimes. 

Here is the list of 10 different things you shouldn’t do while visiting these countries. 

Malaysia – don’t touch people’s head

The melting pot of Southeast Asia with a number of different cultures, languages, and religions mixed together, is Malaysia.

With numerous cultures comes various customs that should be avoided as well and one of them is touching someone else’s head.

As the head is considered the most sacred part of the body and hence you should absolutely avoid pointing, or touching the head. 

Russia – don’t give even number of flowers

Flowers are everyone’s favorite, isn’t it? But when you are in Russia, make sure you do not gift anyone even number of flowers.

It is because the even number of flowers is only given at a funeral. So, even when you are picking up a bouquet for anyone, try to get an odd number of flowers as an even number of flowers are given to someone who is mourning. 

Bhutan – no tobacco

Although now we follow our heart and do whatever you want, sometimes you need to show some respect while traveling to a foreign country.

Tobacco has been outlawed since 1729 and there is a very strict law of buying and selling tobacco. Bhutan is the first country to ever go smoke-free. 

China – don’t finish your plate

Another unusual culture you find is in China. When you are visiting certain regions, you need to make sure you do not eat everything that is served to you.

It is expected to be very rude to finish everything as it indicates that you haven’t been given enough food. Therefore, always leave a little food on your plate to show fulfillment.

San Franciso – don’t feed pigeons

Feeding birds and animals sound amazing but what if you get arrested for feeding a cute little pigeon? San Franciso has a very strict law where feeding a pigeon can get you in trouble.

There is a hotline number to tip out illicit crumb-droppers as well. This law has been made because of the serious illness caused by pigeons and their poop. 

Singapore – buying and selling chewing gum

Since 1992, a law has been passed in Singapore about the buying and selling of chewing gum. This law was designed to counter the number of chewing gum dropped in public places. It is absolutely illegal and punishable up to the fine of $1,000 as well.

India – don’t use your left hand

In India, Nepal, and the East Asian countries taking or using your left hand is considered disrespectful. You should make sure that you do not take food, money, or shake hands with your left hand.

As the left hand is used in the bathroom for your private activities, it is not rocket science to understand where this concept comes from.

Thailand – don’t step on money

As the money has the face of the king printed on it. As a commoner, you are not allowed to do anything to defame or demean the royal family.

Therefore, stepping on money in Thailand is illegal and can cause you a lot of trouble if found so. If you ever drop your baht anywhere, make sure, you or anyone else won’t step on it. 

Japan – do not tip or point

No matter the type of services you use, and how exceptional those services are, you should not tip in Japan. Along with tipping, you should point at people no matter where you are. It is considered disrespectful to point at a person as this gesture is typically directed towards an object. 

Greece – no heels

Not all heals or not every place is banned in Greece. However, walking on precious and oldest monuments in high-heeled shoes is considered illegal and has been banned because of the damage caused by them. When you are sightseeing, don’t you want to be comfortable, and wearing high heels does not mean comfort. 

These are the few things that you must not do while visiting foreign countries. You can disrespect their culture or even worse is when you are reported to the police because of the common thing you did.

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